About SoaringEd

SoaringEd, Inc., formerly known as Mastedly, Inc. and Crystal Delta Education Solutions, is an educational technology and solutions company focused on empowering educators and enhancing LMS implementation. 

SoaringEd’s name reflects its passion for reaching new heights in education, and the bird-themed product line, beginning with Lorikeet “Loree,” carries the avian inspiration throughout. Take your LMS to new heights with SoaringEd and elevate your educational journey.

SoaringEd Employees at a conference

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance educational institutions by maximizing their Learning Management System capabilities through innovative solutions that optimize their instructional environment.

  • Increase Student Engagement
  • Optimize Student Learning
  • Decrease Teacher Prep Time

Let’s Soar Together!

Through collaborative efforts between our teams and close engagement with educators and administrators, we ensure that our solutions are precisely tailored and optimized for the end users’ success in the educational landscape.

SoaringEd, Inc.

SoaringEd, Inc. takes the burdens out of your LMS.
Our products are LMS friendly and admin approved, so you can use them hassle-free.

Get ready to soar!