About SoaringEd

SoaringEd, Inc., formerly known as Mastedly, Inc. and Crystal Delta Education Solutions, is an educational technology and solutions company focused on empowering educators and enhancing LMS implementation. Originally founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2015 by Crystal Delta Solutions, the company expanded its education products and services and rebranded as Mastedly, Inc. in 2022. Based in Princeton, New Jersey, In 2023 Mastedly, Inc. hired educational leaders with expertise in digital learning to partner with their expert engineering and development teams to refine its product and service lineup, catering to the unique needs of K12 and Higher Education customers.

SoaringEd’s name reflects its passion for reaching new heights in education, and the bird-themed product line, beginning with Lorikeet “Loree,” carries the avian inspiration throughout. Take your LMS to new heights with SoaringEd and elevate your educational journey.

SoaringEd Employees at a conference

Our Team: a Forward-Thinking Flock


Gretta Rogne

President of SoaringEd, Inc.

Gretta Rogne, a dynamic  and forward-thinking education enthusiast who is passionate about transforming the educational landscape through innovative technology. With 19 years of diverse experience, Gretta combines district-level leadership and classroom teaching insights, enabling her to holistically address challenges faced by educators, students, parents, and administrators. She is a trailblazer who forges impactful partnerships with product vendors, propelling advancements in product development for tangible benefits within the education system and is not content with merely identifying issues. Beyond her professional role as President of SoaringEd, Inc., she thrives on creative problem-solving, utilizing her curiosity to enhance education’s effectiveness and accessibility.

Edina Cejvan

Product Owner

As Loree Product Owner, Edina is a creative problem solver at heart; she has a gift for solving problems through ideation, user-driven insights and a clear understanding of the importance of asking questions! She loves working with passionate people in team-oriented environments to create purposeful, innovative and empowering digital experiences for educators. When she isn’t working Edina absolutely loves Lego, and has a rather rad collection of predominantly Star Wars Lego! She’s also a fan of weekends away, a good massage, and a little Netflix and chill never fails after a mad week!


Reto Garo

Head of Customer Success 

Multi-lingual (English, Mandarin, Swiss-German) Customer Success Specialist, Reto is passionate about education, EdTech and ultimately helping those that want to continually learn. Not to rest on his laurels, Reto has a passion for web development and learning design, working tirelessly alongside the Loree team to ensure “your” needs are being met when using Loree. Outside of work hours, Reto enjoys playing golf, going out snow skiing and enjoys indulging in food. 

Lieren Guillotte

Content Creator Extraordinaire

Lieren Guillotte is an educator with over 13 years of experience in the classroom,  training teachers, and is deeply dedicated to integrating education into every facet of life. With a strong background in Art, Graphic Design, and Course Design in public education, she brings a unique blend of creativity and organization to the field of Instructional Design. Lieren also loves to read true crime novels and spending time with her family. 

Lieren Guillotte Profile Picture

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Support

Our commitment to exceptional support extends to educators and administrators. We offer ongoing assistance, training, and professional development opportunities to empower our customers in maximizing the value and impact of our products and services. Our passionate engineering, UX, and development teams collaborate closely with our educational experts and customers, gathering insights and feedback to continually enhance our solutions and meet the unique needs of end users in educational environments.


Educator Minded

We possess an in-depth understanding of the challenges and needs faced by educators, administrators, and educational institutions. By collaborating closely with our in-house educational experts, customers, and passionate engineering, UX, and development teams, we ensure that our solutions are precisely tailored to meet the needs of end users in educational environments.

LMS Integration

Our experienced team comprehends the intricacies of integrating educational technology tools with existing systems, particularly LMS platforms. Working alongside educators, administrators, and LMS providers, our expert engineering and development teams ensure seamless integration, delivering a user-friendly experience for all stakeholders.


Customized Solutions

We excel in creating customized solutions specifically designed for the unique demands of educational environments. By closely collaborating with our educational experts, customers, and engineering teams, we refine our offerings to align with instructional goals, cater to diverse user roles, and enhance the overall teaching and learning experience.

Intuitive Design

Our focus on intuitive and user-friendly design drives our product development process. Recognizing the significance of simplicity and ease of use, we engage our passionate UX designers in close collaboration with our educational experts, customers, and development teams. The result is intuitive interfaces and seamless user experiences that align with best practices in educational technology.

Pedagogically Aligned

Our solutions are grounded in pedagogical principles to enhance teaching and learning. Through collaboration between our in-house educational experts, engineering teams, and customers, we ensure that our products align with pedagogical best practices. This approach empowers educators to effectively leverage technology and promote student engagement, collaboration, and achievement.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance educational institutions by maximizing their Learning Management System capabilities through innovative solutions that optimize their instructional environment.

  • Increase Student Engagement
  • Optimize Student Learning
  • Decrease Teacher Prep Time

Let’s Soar Together!

Through collaborative efforts between our teams and close engagement with educators and administrators, we ensure that our solutions are precisely tailored and optimized for the end users’ success in the educational landscape.

SoaringEd, Inc.

SoaringEd, Inc. takes the burdens out of your LMS.
Our products are LMS friendly and admin approved, so you can use them hassle-free.

Get ready to soar!