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Elevate your educational journey with our innovative products, including Loree Design and Crane Migrate and Archive, designed to empower administration, teachers, and students. Learn more about how our products can help you soar to new heights in education!


Loree Design

Design amazing pages, assignments, and syllabus in your LMS without the need for any coding knowledge. Save and share those designs as templates with others to cut down prep time and to stay consistent across subject areas or institutions!


Crane Migrate + Archive

Looking to change your LMS? Don’t let migration challenges discourage you from changing. We offer custom services for whatever level of migration you are looking for or if you are just needing to archive information for retention purposes.

Soar to New Heights

Give parents and admins a peek into the classroom! With our intuitive interface, teachers can easily create templates to be shared within all courses or with other teachers, making sure everyone is on the same page and the design looks uniform. We understand the importance of giving teachers agency without upping their workload, so we’ve minimized prep work to give them more time for instruction. Plus, we make sure our designs are in line with district strategies and instructional goals to make sure learners’ needs are being met.


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Consistent Course Design

When it comes to keeping your learners engaged and successful, having high-quality, consistent courses is key. Studies have revealed that having a standardized course look and feel boosts learner confidence and helps them to retain info more easily. Plus, with simplified delivery and navigation, you can ensure your learners have an engaging and relevant experience.

Loree Design is an LTI 1.3 tool that integrates into your LMS empowering educators to create, share, and manage custom designs or templates libraries for consistency across an institution and align to universal design standards for high-quality learning experiences.

Loree Design Admin portal allows districts and institutions to establish district or campus-wide styling elements, including fonts, colors, and layouts. This feature ensures a cohesive branding and design experience throughout, providing a consistent visual identity to students, parents, and educators.


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Loree Design makes creating custom course layouts a breeze! It’s the perfect solution for educators who want to streamline their work. Not only does it enable users to quickly and easily create content blocks that can be used across multiple courses, but they can also be shared across the whole school district – no more starting from scratch! Plus, once you have content blocks created or whole page templates, you can get your courses up and running in no time year after year!


Think of content blocks and templates like a building block of a lesson. Create small chunks of information, directions, or layouts then it’s time to get creative and customize to make it your own! Add extra content or rearrange blocks for a better design. 


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Integration of the Loree Interactives Library, existing LTI 1.3 tools, and multimedia elements will enhance course engagement and create an immersive learning experience.

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Loree Design enables the creation of accessible course materials, incorporating alt-text descriptions, captions, and audio descriptions to support students with disabilities in accessing content.

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“Loree Design enabled us to create great looking courses that improve the user experience and reflect our brand. The price point is very attractive, being able to create and share templates easily, and the team’s continuous efforts to improve the product based on customer feedback are a few reasons for selecting this product.”


See Where Crane Migrate + Archive Can Take You

Migrate Content and Courses

Making the transition to a new LMS?

The approach and process for moving data between platforms is a critical decision. Our Crane Migration tool efficiently migrates your student and academic data using the self-service (automation) or full-service feature utilizing our migration experts. We will support your specific needs and work with your team every step of the way to ensure your data looks great and is in the correct place in your new LMS from day one!


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Archive Courses and Records

Crane Archive is a simple and efficient mechanism for storing and accessing legacy data for retention purposes. It allows institutions the ability to still have access to a complete record of course data, student records, and learning materials and activities. Your course data can be reviewed and searched any time via our intuitive dashboard.


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