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Pioneering Pathways

Work together as a team to audit your LMS tools and create tailored professional development sessions based on district needs. Our team sees what programs your district uses to make sure integration is seamless. 

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Innovative Solutions

Collaborate to craft and implement district instructional technology goals linked to student achievement by optimizing your LMS, digital, and print resources. Our team can help implement blended learning frameworks. 

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Evolving Knowledge

Maximize your investment returns by bridging the gap between technology and high quality classroom instruction utilizing our team to create personalized strategy sessions, workshops, or stakeholder buy in.

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Achieve Greatness!

Consult with special population experts to use your LMS to seamlessly embed accommodations and strategies that meet diverse learner needs (IEPs, EL, Dyslexia, 504, and other strategies). Use the LMS to help your documentation.

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With our extensive experience in working with educators, we understand the challenges faced in integrating digital tools effectively and promoting student engagement. Leveraging our expertise in instructional strategies, we can support faculty members in utilizing Canvas as a companion to their courses, enabling them to provide valuable feedback and engage students more effectively. Our team has a proven track record in creating and executing professional development plans ensuring that faculty members receive targeted and impactful training to maximize their utilization of the platform. By partnering with our team, school districts can benefit from our deep knowledge and practical insights to improve faculty satisfaction and ultimately enhance the student learning experience.

Your Vision, Our Expertise - Success Defined.

Our consulting team brings a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge to help the school districts enhance educator adoption and utilization of the Canvas learning management system. In-depth knowledge and experience in working with Canvas LMS from the perspective of teachers, students, and administrator.

Expertise in program LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) integrations for seamless incorporation of third-party tools and resources within Canvas. 

Ability to streamline digital resources and optimize their utilization within the Canvas LMS.

Proficiency in technology integration frameworks such as TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge), TIM (Technology Integration Matrix), SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) and ISTE Educators Standards.

Leveraging Canvas and UDL principles to provide student accommodation and accessibility needs for all learners, ensuring inclusivity and equal access to educational resources and materials.

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