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We specialize in creating custom educational technology solutions that meet the specific needs of our K12 and Higher Ed customers. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to develop custom features and functions for Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to enhance the learning experience for all users.


Custom Solutions for LMS

Unlock the true potential of your LMS with our custom features and functions. You can create a personalized digital learning space that aligns with your district’s teaching philosophy and curriculum goals. Easily adapt features, templates, and workflows to match the distinct needs of your educators, students, and parents.


Create Efficient Workflows

We understand that time is precious in the world of education. Canary Create can help streamline administrative tasks, making data management and reporting a breeze. You could automate workflows and create intuitive interfaces or reports which mean less time spent on manual processes and more time focused on delivering quality education.


Personalize Learning

Our customizable integrations can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your learners. Make informed decisions with Canary Create’s robust data analytics. Monitor student performance, identify trends, and refine your teaching strategies based on real-time insights, resulting in continuous improvement district-wide.

Examples of Solutions

Canvas LMS

Provides educators and administrators with real-time data on At-Risk Students and track learner attendance via custom dashboards.

Canvas LMS

Provides access for parents to view assignments and grade related data of their K-12 learners.

Canvas LMS

Helps learners visualise their course progress and educators to view learner course progress. Learners are incentivised to complete and engage via gamification.

Blackboard LMS

Supports learners with navigating through course content and easily identify key learning activities, assignment due dates and exam schedule.

Canvas LMS

Improves the overall QA process, by increasing visibility and consistency of QA across courses. Generates PDF output of courses from Canvas LMS.


Custom Features

Our mission is to provide our valued customers with the absolute best tools and resources available in the market. Foster collaboration within your district like never before with Canary Create’s interactive tools which enable teachers, students, and parents to engage seamlessly with content, promoting a holistic learning experience. Real-time communication, assignment tracking, and progress monitoring become second nature.Trust us to help you soar to new heights in education!

Leverage your LMS

Enhance the current grade passback for PEIMS alignment and take your LMS to the next level. With our expertise in educational technology, we can add custom module views, custom buttons, search features, and more! Unleash the full potential of your LMS and provide a seamless learning experience for students and educators. Let SoaringEd revolutionize education with our tailor-made features and functions, designed specifically for K12 and Higher Ed institutions. Contact us today to explore how we can customize an LMS that is perfect for your institution.

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