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What We Offer

Our flagship product, Loree Design, is an intuitive course layout tool designed for Canvas LMS. It allows educators to create visually captivating and engaging course layouts without the need for coding. Loree Design simplifies the design process, empowering teachers to focus on their core expertise of teaching.

reduces the risk of OCR, IDEA, and 504 complaints

enhance LMS usage and adoption

intuitive and teacher friendly

provides immediate value to K12 schools

Loree Design Editor

Intuitive Editor

An intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and utilization, without the need for coding or web design skills.


Built-in Accessibility Checker

Loree Design allows for inclusive learning to  become a seamless experience, ensuring that every student can thrive with it’s integrated WCAG 2.0 accessibility checker. Making it possible for well designed content to be understood by all students. 



Design + Share Templates

Instantly design, create, save, and effortlessly share templates and custom building blocks throughout your entire team or district ensuring consistency and saving time for educators when creating new courses.


Interactive Elements

Integration of the Loree Interactives Library, existing LTI 1.3 tools, and multimedia elements to enhance course engagement and create an immersive learning experience.


1EdTech Certified

Loree Design is proud to be 1EdTech Certified. This certification offers the highest level of comfort to know that our product will integrate with your system.

To find out more about this certification please visit the 1EdTech website. You can find our certification there with the registration number IMSC6my2023W1.

Is Loree Design compatible with your LMS?

Currently, Loree Design is a certified 1.3 LTI tool designed specifically for use inside of Canvas LMS.  

Interested in getting Loree Design for a different LMS? Contact us with inquiries. 

How can Loree help?

Interactive learning

Robust course building


design instruction with accommodations

more efficent

custom template libraries

minimize prep time

enhance learner engagement

Key Features




Security Matters

We’ve got you covered on security. Contact us to discuss our product security practices and receive more information on our HECVAT certification.

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Experience visually appealing and user-friendly online courses that foster improved engagement with a minimal learning curve, all while granting instructors complete control over course design and content. Loree Design breaks down barriers between instructors and students, facilitating seamless course adjustments and making it incredibly easy to understand content. 

Loree Design allows school districts to establish district or campus-wide styling elements, including fonts, colors, and layouts. This feature ensures a cohesive branding and design experience throughout the district, providing a consistent visual identity to students, parents, and educators.

Clear Visual Structure

Visually appealing layouts provide ELLs with a clear and organized framework for navigating course materials and understanding content.

Accessible Content

Loree Design enables the creation of accessible course materials, incorporating alt-text descriptions, captions, and audio descriptions to support students with disabilities in accessing content.

Accommodations + Modifications Documentation

Loree Design simplifies accommodations documentation within course layouts, ensuring special education students receive the necessary supports outlined in their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

Consistent Design Elements

District-wide styling elements in Loree Design maintain a consistent and accessible learning experience for 504 students across courses.

Customizable Templates + Resource Placement

Provide predictable and easy access to resources, materials, and accommodations.

Clear Typography and Readability

Customizable fonts and layouts that optimize typographic choices, enhancing readability for students with dyslexia or attention challenges.

Structured Course Layouts

Loree Design supports visually structured layouts, reducing cognitive load and promoting organization for students with ADHD or executive function difficulties.

What Customers Say

Loree tools have been an absolute game-changer for us, empowering us to create visually stunning courses that not only enhance the user experience but also elevate learning at every level. We are thrilled by the vast array of accessibility options available, and the incredible dedication of the team in actively seeking feedback and continuously evolving the tools to meet customer needs. The ability to effortlessly create and share templates is nothing short of amazing!

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