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Customize your LMS

Elevate your LMS to new heights with our exceptional services and a team of experienced development experts. Whether you require seamless program integration, expert consulting, or custom course creation, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Canary Create

Create a customizable and scalable LTI tool or solution for your LMS troubles. You own the tool after we help create it.

Pelican Consulting

Collaborate with our team to help guide your instructional and district goals for technology or instructional strategies.

Falcon Course Building

Have content or an idea of where you want a course to go? Enlist our experts to help that dream come to fruition.

What Separates Us From the Flock

We are concious of what it means to be in education today. With our team of experts you can be assured that your issues are heard. Our services empowers educational institutions to leverage technology effectively, improve student outcomes, and thrive in the evolving digital landscape of education.

  • Customization
  • Improve outcomes
  • Thrive

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Canary Create

Canary Create, offered by SoaringEd, Inc., is a custom development and LTI building service that empowers institutions to streamline their digital toolsets and enhance their learning management system (LMS) implementation. With Canary Create, institutions can unlock the full potential of their LMS by tailoring it to their specific needs and removing digital barriers that hinder efficient workflow and instructional effectiveness.

Enhance current grade passback for PEIMS alignment, add custom module views, custom buttons, search features and more!

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Pelican Consulting

Work together as a team to audit your LMS tools and create tailored professional development sessions based on district needs.

Maximize your investment returns by bridging the gap between technology and high quality classroom instruction utilizing our team to create personalized strategy sessions, workshops, or stakeholder buy in.

Collaborate to craft and implement district instructional technology goals linked to student achievement by optimizing your LMS, digital, and print resources.

Consult with special population experts to use your LMS to seamlessly embed accommodations and strategies that meet diverse learner needs (IEPs, EL, Dyslexia, 504, and other strategies).

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Falcon Course Building

Expert Course Development: The experts at SoaringEd have extensive experience in course development and instructional design. They work closely with educational institutions to bring their course visions to life, ensuring the highest quality of content and design.

Custom Template Building: Falcon Course Build offers custom template building services, allowing institutions to create standardized layouts that match their instructional goals. These templates serve as a foundation for future course development, promoting consistency and efficiency.

Affordable Solutions: SoaringEd understands the budgetary constraints of educational institutions. Falcon Course Build provides cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of institutions without compromising on the quality of course design and development.

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